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Marys Seacole – Donmar Warehouse Theatre


“Marys Seacole”
📍Donmar Warehouse

Mary Seacole was a Jamaican-born very first nurse-practicioner of her times. She set up a hotel and cared for the wounded in the Crimea. Sounds like a typical bio play? Well… It absolutely is not.
Sure, we get Mary on the stage standing there and telling her story, but just a couple of minutes later the stage transforms and we watch a typical modern hospital scene where the black nurses and carers take care of the white elderly lady.

“Marys Seacole'” cast, photo credit: Marc Brenner

Hence the title of the play: it’s all about the many women of colour who, throughout centuries, cared for families, children, war veterans…
The play jumps through multiple timelines and connects them all in the very messy, impressionist second act that takes place in a bombed building in Crimea.
It’s not a simple play: it takes some imagination and thinking to connect all the dots and the all-female cast does a fantastic job in delivering this slightly unstructured play.
Huge applause to @kaylameikle_ for her fabulous performance as Mary. I’d love to go and watch the play again just to rethink my first impressions and maybe dive deeper into the story!

Kayla Meikle in “Marys Seacole”, photo credit: Marc Brenner


Marys Secole

Written by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Directed by Nadia Latif

Donmar Warehouse

Ticket price:£10-£45


15 April 2022 – 4 June 2022

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