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I Couldn’t Do Your Job – Pleasance Theatre


“I couldn’t do your job”
📍Pleasance Theatre

This one was one heavy piece of screenplay. Oceni Theatre Company interviewed NHS paramedics and based on hundreds of stories created this play. I was expecting more of a sit-down kind of setting, but the play was very well choreographed, with lots of movement, actors getting off the stage and standing in the audience, and scenes that used symbolic yet effective props.
The play started pretty light with stories of people shoving things into “places where they don’t belong” but then went on a sinusoid of sad/scary/nasty/funny again. Really well balanced script – which is OK to watch as the stories balance each other and won’t make you feel too low by the end (which I was slightly worried about).
Big props to all 5 actors for creating a very natural atmosphere and making me feel like I was there, in the paramedics room, waiting for the next call.
Definitely left me thinking about the state of the NHS and lots of issues which I was not aware of (huge budget cuts leading paramedics to drop their mental therapy sessions, for example).

@icenitheatrecompany, you did an absolutely fantastic job!


I couldn’t do your job

By: Iceni Theatre Company

Pleasance Theatre


4th May 2022 to 7th May 2022

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