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About Me

About Me

Hey there, dear Theatre Fans!

My name is Zuza and I moved to London in 2019. I’m Polish but have lived in 6 countries so far, studied in Turkey, and volunteered in India – but most of my time I spent in Malaysia while working in Kuala Lumpur for local startups between 2012 – 2018.

From the very first moment I saw a West End show (“Wicked”), I knew this was something special. Since then, I’ve made watching shows in the West End and other parts of London my after-work lifestyle – hence the name of the profile.

I do my best to see a show 2-3 times a week – as I’m catching up for all the lockdown time over the last 2 years. I’m a sucker for a good musical and theatre that portrays real-life stories. But I do enjoy exploring small pub theatres and having a post-show chat with the creative team as well.

My love for stories led me to watch hundreds of plays so far: from big West End productions to smaller, fringe or pub theatre plays. And you know what – you truly never know where you can find the next theatre gem, it could truly be in your neighbourhood’s tiny artistic space!

Apart from my passion for theatre, I’m a digital marketer by profession and I work in the real estate/tech field. I’m also a published author (I write about travelling in Asia – see my books here) and an amateur food photographer (my IG with recipes and photos here).

Theatre themes that I particularly love (this is not an exhaustive list whatsoever!):

  • real-life stories
  • Her-stories (biographies of women)
  • musicals of all kind
  • shows highlighting groups which are still underrepresented in arts: neurodivergent creators, refugee stories…

You can contact me:

Via instagram: @west.end.evenings

Via email: westendevenings @ (delete the spaces)

Or via the form below:

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Zuzanna Chmielewska

Digital Marketer by profession, published travel book author, avid theatre goer and an amateur Malaysia tour guide in my free time. Find me in one of London's theatres, travelling in Asia or cooking and photographing new recipes in my kitchen. I would try anything once (at least!). My theatre blog:




  • mphtheatregirl

    I don’t live in the UK, but in another massive musical theatre country. I live in the US- so Broadway Country.

    Well, my journey with musicals truly began when I saw Wicked on Broadway with my mom. This was back in August 2006. True, may not live close to NYC—-but luckily live in a major touring city. Usually in a year, I get to 2-4 musicals. Yes, Wicked may have started my love for musicals, but not a passion- another musical would be responsible for that (March 2013- Les Mis entered my life and turned my love of musicals into more of a passion).

    • Zuzanna Chmielewska

      So nice to find out more about your story too! It must be something about “Wicked” that turns people into theatre fans, isn’t it? 🙂

      • mphtheatregirl

        My favorite musical theatre character is in Wicked- Elphaba. She is one of the first characters I truly started to relate to

        Wicked taught me certain things about musicals:

        1. About the emotional and complex side
        2. About emotional connection
        3. Even when I first discovered love triangles

        Little did I know- there were some things that still had to be discovered (as in things Wicked wouldn’t make me realize)

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