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The Mongol Khan – Mongolian Epic Hits London this November

Mongolia, a country steeped in ancient history and rich traditions, is set to make its mark on the London stage with the highly anticipated production of “The Mongol Khan.” This epic theatrical experience, featuring music, dance, puppetry, and a captivating story, will be staged at the prestigious Coliseum in November. To ensure the success of this landmark production, a team of world-class UK creatives has been assembled, working alongside acclaimed Mongolian Director Hero Baatar.

Leading the adaptation of the English script is the award-winning playwright, Timberlake Wertenbaker, known for her works such as “Our Country’s Good” and “Three Birds Alighting on a Field.” Wertenbaker will breathe new life into the story through her adaptation of a translation by the esteemed historian and Mongolian culture expert, John Man. These translations will be displayed as surtitles during the London performances, enhancing the audience’s immersion into the Mongolian narrative.

Visuals by Battugs Baasansuren, Bolor-Erdene Baljinnyamand Bor Injinash

Puppetry has always played a significant role in Mongolian culture, and for the UK production, puppet designer Nick Barnes, founder of Blind Summit, will create brand new designs, including a mesmerizing fire-breathing dragon. Barnes, an Olivier and Tony Award-winning artist known for his work on productions like “Life of Pi” and “The Lorax,” brings his unparalleled creativity to the table.

Enhancing the visual spectacle of the production, lighting designer Mike Roberston, renowned for his work on shows such as “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” and “Billy Elliot,” will redesign the lighting for the vast Coliseum stage. His expertise will ensure that each scene comes alive with the perfect balance of light and shadow, further immersing the audience in the world of “The Mongol Khan.”

Completing the creative team is sound designer David Gregory, whose impressive portfolio includes works for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe. With his broad range of experience, Gregory will craft a soundscape that enhances the emotional depth and authenticity of the production.

Director Hero Baatar, a highly acclaimed Mongolian artist, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with British artists, stating, “The Mongolian theatre production playing in the West End for the first time is an historic event and marks a new era in Mongolian drama. Cooperation with British artists is a crucial step in developing Mongolian theatre, and it is a great honor for us to work with artists from Shakespeare’s homeland.”

“The Mongol Khan” is a grand-scale production that has already captivated audiences in Mongolia with over 100 performances. Inspired by historical events and rooted in Mongolian culture, the show transports viewers to a time 2,000 years ago, where a brutal succession battle threatens the Empire’s stability. With its ensemble of over 70 performers, elaborate sets, and costumes reflecting traditional nomadic culture, “The Mongol Khan” promises a multi-sensory feast unlike anything audiences have experienced before.

Beyond its theatrical brilliance, this production holds significant meaning as it celebrates 60 years of Anglo-Mongolian relations and cultural exchange. Mongolia, a country bordered by China and Russia, remains a hidden gem for adventure seekers and luxury travelers alike. Its captivating landscapes, unspoiled wilderness, and hospitable people make it a truly unique destination. “The Mongol Khan” serves as a gateway to Mongolia’s cultural heritage, offering a tantalizing glimpse into its history and traditions.

Tickets available from 020 7845 9300

or in person at the venue.

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