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Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club: Visitor’s FAQ 2022

Cabaret at the Kit Kat club (Playhouse Theatre) is an experience that I felt, would never receive justice via just a review. It’s such an emotional event, which touches all the senses – all I can say is, you should go see it. 7 Olivier awards in 2022 speak for themselves.

What I decided could be more helpful to you, would be a practical FAQ with tips on what to know before you cross the entrance of the Kit Kat Club: where to get the tickets, what to expect, should you arrive earlier, etc. Basically everything I wish I knew myself before the visit 🙂

Important: I do my best not to include any spoilers, but if you want to be safe and be fully surprised by the experience, probably don’t read the rest of the article.

Before seeing “Cabaret” at the Kit Kat Club:

Where can I get cheaper tickets for “Cabaret” at the Kit Kat Club?

Example of seats and prices available for Cabaret at the Playhouse Theatre in 2022 (please note prices vary quite a lot depending on a date!)

I’m writing this in August 2022. The first wave of ridiculously expensive tickets is long gone. But let’s be straight – to get reasonable prices on tickets here, you’ll have to plan – ideally at least 1-2 months ahead. If you’re on a budget, head to the official website and look for Upper Circle tickets – they start at £30, which is a decent price for a longer-than-usual show experience.

There’s also a ticket lottery available via TodayTix – but from my experience, it’s notoriously difficult to score tickets with it. Give it a try though! If you win, you get access to really great seats (apparently even at the cabaret tables just by the stage) for £25.

If you want to splurge, VIP tickets for the front row cabaret tables, with dinner, bubbles and immersive entertainment are also available – starting at £150 per person.

Which seats have the best view of the stage?

This is the fun part – there are no bad seats at the Kit Kat Club (Playhouse Theatre)! The auditorium has been transformed and the show is performed in the round, with some of the seats placed just next to the stage. The Dress Circle and Upper Circle are placed quite high but super close to the stage – I don’t think I ever had such a great view of the performer’s faces or expressions while sitting in the Upper Circle. It’s amazing how close to the action you feel while being sat far up!

Oh, one more point, that I’ve been personally worried about before the show started: there are elaborate lamps hanging and kind of blocking the view but as the show starts, they get immediately lifted and the view is not obstructed at all. So don’t worry about these 🙂

Should I watch the original “Cabaret” production before visiting the Kit Kat Club?

I think having some kind of knowledge of what the show is about and what the symbols in the show mean (like the Emcee’s character, for example) is crucial to fully understand “Cabaret”. Compared with other “Cabaret” productions, the 2022 London version is much more subtle and hints at a lot of political or emotional situation changes without showing straightforward conversations or explanations. When I saw the show, I understood everything, but that’s because I have seen other productions of the show before, and read up quite a lot about the interpretation of the show as well. However, I saw audience members leaving the club and wondering what the main message was all about and why the ending looked as it did (again, it’s much more subtle than the other productions).

Important: there’s no introduction or background explanation in the show, you just kind of get thrown right into things. So, my opinion is, if you want to make sure you fully immerse yourself in the story, read up at least a Wikipedia page about the show, this will give you all the minimum background.

Good to know as you enter the Kit Kat Club (Playhouse Theatre):

Where’s the Kit Kat Club (Playhouse Theatre)?

Just 3 minutes walking from the Embankment tube station – walk under the railway arches and you’ll see the big neon eye, the symbol of the show, on the wall. Here’s the Google Map pin. Alternatively, walk from Charing Cross station (probably max. 5 minutes walking).

Can I take photos?

No photos are allowed inside the theatre and you’ll be given a sticker to put on the camera of your phone to make sure everything is kept secret. Please don’t spoil it for others and don’t post photos online!

What time should I get there?

Ok, this is the fun part. The actual play starts at 7.30 pm. But on your ticket you’ll see an entry time that’s far ahead of that time – in my case, I was asked to enter at 6.45 pm. And yes, it’s worth it to be there on time! There’s pre-show entertainment and I would recommend taking some time to just walk around and explore the venue before the show starts – with 3 bars and many corridors between them, you’ll need the additional time before you get to your seat.

Is there an interval?

Yes, there’s one 20-minute long interval. Important: don’t be late for your seat at the interval! No latecomers are admitted to the auditorium after the show has started so you may end up watching the show on the screen in the hall if you don’t make it on time! So yeah, make sure you’re on time!!!!

Is there food available?

Bars sell snacks – I’ve seen German pretzels packed neatly in paper bags, probably a nice idea to have one with a shot of schnapps or a glass of German beer. By the way, each bar in the Kit Kat Club serves a different kind of drink: there’s a champagne spot, a cocktail bar, and a beer bar, so you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Watch out for phones and programmes if you sit in the Upper Circle:

Oh gosh, this one was scary. In the Dress Circle and Upper Circle, as you sit, there’s a small gap between the floor and the wooden part of the seats in front of you. It’s tiny but big enough to let a programme or phone slide through and fall somewhere below. It happened to my programme and I got some help from the super kind staff after the show to retrieve it – that’s when I found out that it happens a lot with people’s phones too. So just a heads up – best to keep your belongings inside a bag just in case.

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