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For you I’d Wait – Turbine Theatre


“For you I’d wait” (musical)
📍Turbine Theatre

The concept is brilliant. The musical covers stories of young people in Paris just before, during and after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. Its a kind of a sad event that I’m sure we all still remember and can relate to. It gives the play the added emotional layer that every audience member already has in their mind.
The production is extremely low-budget (which is absolutely fine) – the stage setup is just a couple of simple graffiti pieces related to Paris and props used in the play are close to none – but I’ve seen plenty of plays with zero to none budget that managed to create a fantastic story before (see “Hippie Shakes” for example).

I really wanted to love this one unfortunately it was just not for me. My main issue was the script – for such a (theoretically) deep story, with so many opportunities to dive deep into people’s emotions, grief, ways of dealing with anger – it simply brushes it all off. There is so much that could be included! From simple things like transportation of dead body internationally (which can cost literally millions unless you are insured) to mental therapy (which could be beautifully presented on the stage) – there is so much potential that was not included.

The dialogues are clunky and just unnatural at times.
I can see that the actors are doing their best and trying hard – I’m sure they have a brilliant future ahead, and I would love to see them on the stage again – just not in this play.

Zuzanna Chmielewska

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